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SafeDate has been designed with your safety in mind.
It allows Australian users a new way to assure personal, mobile security in an age where connections are easily formed through technology.

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Personal security in an age where connections are easily formed through technology.

SafeDate is the new way to assure personal, mobile security in an age where connections are easily formed through technology. As an Australian mobile application, SafeDate serves as a personal alert to your most trusted contacts, forming a SafetyNet in the event of a dangerous, unexpected situation.

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It will send your SafetyNet all the information required to respond to a serious incident, otherwise it is kept confidential.

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At Your Home...

Maintaining social obligations can sometimes lead to unfamiliar situations, which is how adventures should be - but ensuring security in your personal life is important to recovering and separating yourself from dangerous situations. This is what friends and families are for, being there when you need to make the call.

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At Your Office...

SafeDate is a versatile app which can provide security and reassurance for any situation. Varying anywhere from business to personal safety, without compromising your privacy and maintaining delicate information in case of an emergency. SafeDate can be utilized for -

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Peace of mind - Ensure your security

SafeDate recommends the following actions to ensure further security and ease of mind

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Stay safe - How will it help you

Providing secure, mobile protection for modern dating

SafeDate is a mobile application designed to assist you in avoiding dangerous situations, whether going on an anonymous date or meeting a new social contact. SafeDate lets you identify your most trusted friends or family members, and assign them as your SafetyNet.
This provides them your GPS location and a photo of your date, to allow for a fast and accurate contacting of the proper authorities in the event of an emergency. Otherwise, all SafetyNet information is kept completely confidential to the user.

Locate the issue

SafeDate can be used beyond dating as it is the tool to send your GPS position to a trusted contact list. This application is about having a friend there to help you when in need, a person you trust that can immediately respond to awkward or threatening situations. If you want a pickup or need the authorities, use the Emergency State and get in touch instantly.

Completely in private

What makes SafeDate different to other security apps is the privacy the user has with their social outings. Information such as GPS and images are recorded for a duration of time, but the application does not distribute that information until you say. Even in the event of a mishap or misunderstanding, this information will go to someone you trust who will determine if you are in a dangerous or threatening situation.

Stored for your safety

When you first meet with your date, take a photo and it will be stored to our private and secured servers. This photo will only be accessible by your SafetyNet - in case of an emergency response.
If there is no cause for concern this photo does not get distributed or displayed. It is incredibly easy to use. Just before you walk out the door, press the Date Mode button, take a photo of your date when you meet, and from that point you will have every bit of information needed to help in the event of a dangerous and unexpected situation.